Mystery Of Where Baby Corn Comes From Has Been Officially Solved

Mystery Of Where Baby Corn Comes From Has Been Officially Solved

Baby Corn- And, unlike baby carrots, these little carrots are really deserving of their moniker.

We have been bursting with questions about our favorite fruits as well as veggies because we discovered the shocking truth about baby carrots, as well as we’re on a campaign to find answers.

Then there’s baby corn, a smaller replica of a summer barbeque classic.

Unlike its carrot cousins, infant corn isn’t a liar. In truth, it’s exactly what it sounds like: an immature ear of corn that has been harvested before its time.

What is baby corn?

Baby corn has a pleasing crunch to it as well as is moderately sweet. The little creatures, which are normally just a few inches long, are often utilized in Asian foods such as stir fries, curries, as well as noodle meals. If a meal is lacking in texture, young corn adds a nice crunch without dominating the taste.

Baby corn

You may readily purchase canned baby corn at your local store, but don’t expect to discover fresh baby corn on your weekly shopping trip. Since the great bulk of the crop is imported from Asian nations such as Thailand, Taiwan, as well as Indonesia, fresh baby corn is difficult to come by in the United States.

While particular corn varieties have been produced to produce more ears per stalk, making baby corn simpler to harvest, most ordinary corn kinds yield baby corn just well. Some farmers also harvest baby corn as well as ordinary corn from the same stalk.

However, baby corn cultivation is incompatible with current agricultural techniques in the United States. According to Carol Miles, Washington State Professor of Vegetable Horticulture, some small farms cultivate baby corn in limited quantities (check your local farmers market! ), but most large farms don’t bother. Growing baby corn is a labor-intensive procedure, according to Miles, who relies on hand harvesting as well as husking.

You may get fresh baby corn online or cultivate your own if you have the room to plant a few stalks if you have enough space. It’s straightforward: Miles told HuffPost, “Grow sweet corn as well as pick the ears within three days of seeing the silks emerge.” “And there you have it, baby corn.”

Corn silks are the hair-like threads that appear at the apex of a corn ear. When it comes to knowing while to harvest baby corn, they may be a hassle to remove when husking corn on the cob, but they’re a tremendous assistance when it comes to knowing when to harvest corn on the cob.

Now that we’ve learned enough about baby corn’s history, we’re going to throw it into every stir fry we make from now on. They’re just too cute as well as scrumptious to pass up.



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