Baby Guinea Pig – What To Expect And How To Look After Them

Baby Guinea Pig – What To Expect And How To Look After Them

Baby Guinea Pig- This page is jam-packed with advice on how to care for your infant guinea pig. We’ll go through the first few days as well as weeks of their lives, as well as what to anticipate if you find out your female guinea pig is pregnant. We’ll guide you through the process of raising your young guinea pigs into healthy, happy pets.

Your Guinea Pig Baby

A pup refers to a young guinea pig. They are born precocial, which means they already have teeth as well as hair, as well as they can see, hear, as well as move about from the minute they are born. Guinea pigs are born in litters of 2-4 as well as weigh 70-115g on average. Puppies born to tiny litters are often larger than those born to large litters. Cute newborn guinea pigs, like other infants, are small as well as adorable.

Guinea Pigs in their early stages

Guinea pigs were first domesticated in South America, but now these noisy, friendly animals may be found in homes all around the world. Guinea pigs are not only maintained as household pets, but they are also bred for show, much like dogs, cats, as well as rabbits.

The American Cavy Breeders Association, which also oversees breed standards as well as contests in the United States, formalizes new guinea pig breeds. If you’re planning on raising your own litter of baby Abysinnian guinea pigs or purchasing a newborn Peruvian guinea pig, knowing how to recognize whether they’re growing as well as developing correctly for the species as well as breed is essential.

In the next area, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning infant guinea pigs from our readers.

You may either move right to the information you need or join us for a thorough week-by-week review of newborn guinea pig growth.

What Are the Names of Baby Guinea Pigs?

Let’s start from the beginning. Puppies are the young guinea pigs. Although the word pup conjures up images of puppies, guinea pigs are really members of the cavie family of rodents.

Male guinea pigs become boars as they mature, while females become sows. Just like the large pigs in the farmyard! There is no set age when a guinea pig ceases being a puppy as well as starts growing into an adult. However, most people associate sexual maturity with being approximately four weeks old. You may hear them referred to as ‘juniors’ between then as well as when they reach their full adult weight many months later.

Guinea Pigs Have How Many Babies?

Many tiny animals (such as rats as well as rabbits) are known to be prolific breeders. Guinea pigs are also very fruitful tiny critters!

Guinea pig litters may have up to eight pups, although it’s more common to have two, three, or four. The Guinness Book of World Records has a record for the biggest guinea pig litter, with 17 pups!

How Frequently Do Guinea Pigs Give Birth?

Despite the fact that they may conceive at any time of year, the peak season for young guineas is in the spring. Guinea pig sows may get pregnant again within hours after giving birth.

A female guinea pig may theoretically carry five or even six litters each year due to their short gestation period of 59-73 days. This, however, would place a great deal of pressure on her physical as well as mental capacity. As a result, it is not a good practice for responsible breeders.

What Does a Guinea Pig Look Like When It’s a Baby?

Guinea pigs weigh between 60 as well as 115 grams when they are born. At birth, an average-sized puppy is 3 to 5 inches long as well as fairly cylindrical — about the size of a tangerine!

What Does a Guinea Pig Look Like When It's a Baby?

Individual size is usually proportional to litter size, therefore the more siblings in a litter, the smaller they will all be. Their paws as well as head are disproportionately large in comparison to their physique, as well as they have a complete coat of fur. Their little mouths already have 20 teeth, which are constantly growing.

Week by week, we’ll take a look at baby Guinea Pigs.

Guinea pig pregnancy seems to be brief to us, yet it lasts an unusually long period given their size. As a consequence, guinea pig offspring are born more developed than those of many other animals. This is referred to as “precociality.”

Guinea pigs, for example, are born with their eyes open as well as their ears — which seem to be enormous at the time – already hearing. Growth, nutrition, behavior, as well as sexual maturity are the final stages to watch for.

Week One of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs have a fast birth rate. All of the puppies normally come within half an hour of the start of labor.

They’ll start wriggling as well as moving about as soon as their mother has licked them clean. Nursing should be established within a few hours.

But another striking feature of newborn guinea pigs is how mature their appetites are!

What Do Guinea Pig Babies Eat?

Baby guinea pigs can digest solid food almost immediately after birth (within hours).

They may begin eating grass, vegetables, hay, as well as pellet feed within twenty-four hours, exactly like adults.

It’s a bit startling to see, but it’s quite normal as well as nothing to be concerned about.

Despite the fact that they are capable of eating nearly immediately, newborn guineas need nursing as well as will seek milk every two hours.

For the next three to six weeks, they will continue to breastfeed from mum.

Is it Safe to Handle a Newborn Guinea Pig?

During the first week, it’s acceptable to handle your young guinea pig puppies gently, but make sure they have enough of time with their mother. Handling them too much too soon might cause them to lose the relationship they require with their mother in order to breastfeed as well as cuddle against her for warmth. In the worst-case scenario, she may reject them.

When approaching a young guinea pig, take your time as well as advance carefully as well as softly. So they can see you approaching, approach them head-on. Hold the little man close to you with one hand under their stomach as well as the other behind his bottom.

Guinea Pigs, two weeks old

You won’t be able to ignore how much your newborn guinea pigs have grown in their second week. They may astound you with how active as well as outgoing they are.

During this stage, you can expect your dog to be interested about their surroundings, but their legs are still awkward, as well as they’re prone to unexpectedly plopping down as they explore their surroundings. Guinea pigs are also well-known communicators, as well as they begin vocalizing as early as infancy.

What Do Guinea Pigs Sound Like When They’re Young?

Guinea pigs can create eleven distinct sorts of calls. They utilize them to build social relationships as well as begin mating, to draw herd members’ attention from afar, to express melancholy, as well as to raise the alarm. From an early age, infant guinea pigs are capable of engaging in.

Don’t be shocked if your dog asks for food with a small chirp! When you pull them away from their mother, you may observe that they squeal in pain. If this occurs, put them back in with her as well as return at a later time.

Making many short visits to your litter with your mother as well as acclimating them to gentle touch without alarming them will be essential for healthy socialization.

Getting Baby Guinea Pigs to Socialize

It’s crucial to get guinea pigs accustomed to being handled from a young age if you want them to grow up to be confident, calm companions.

It’s also critical that your infant guinea pig spends the majority of his or her time among other guinea pigs. This is where they learn how to form bonds with one another as well as how to behave as a herd.

It’s simple to accomplish in the first two weeks by keeping the whole litter with their mother, but it’s time to start thinking about separating them the following week.

Guinea Pigs, three weeks old

Pups may quit feeding from their mothers as early as three weeks of age. Many experts, however, advocate weaning puppies as late as 6 weeks.

The age at which the pup is weaned is determined by a variety of variables, including the pup’s weight, the mother’s milk supply, as well as the number of siblings.

However, by the third week, mom will start to dissuade her kids from feeding.

This is also the age at which puppies begin to attain sexual maturity.

That implies that in a mixed litter of boys as well as girls, the guys should be sent to a different home to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

How Do You Sex Guinea Pig Babies?

Regardless of how adorable young guinea pigs are, most people should only consider one litter at a time.

Allowing siblings to procreate increases the likelihood of their kids developing serious congenital diseases.

Because sexing young rodents is notoriously difficult, the only method to know which of your pups are females as well as which are boys is to get the advice of a more experienced mentor or a veterinarian.

Begin by gently cradling your guinea pig’s back. Prepare to examine them swiftly, since they will not like being kept in that posture for an extended period of time!

In front of their anus, male infant guinea pigs have a donut-shaped genital hole. You should be able to feel the shaft of their penis beneath the skin if you gently run your finger over the region. as well as if you gently press, the penis may emerge.

On the other hand, female infant guinea pigs have a y-shaped vaginal entrance that is significantly closer to the anus. Of course, you won’t feel a penis if you run your finger over the region!

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From Week Four onwards, Baby Guinea Pig Behavior

The body form of infant guinea pigs mimics that of a Syrian hamster by the time they’re a month old.

You’ll enjoy their willingness to pursue as well as play with one other, as well as you may even start popcorning.

Popcorning is an exceedingly accurate phrase for the guinea pigs’ frantic spurts of frenetic bouncing, banging, as well as hopping about.

Individuals will begin to display their own unique identities.

And they’ll be well-versed in all the actions they’ll need to conduct for themselves rather than having done for them by mom, such as grooming.

You may have even seen them begin to participate in social grooming at this stage.

How Long Do Guinea Pig Babies Remain With Their Mothers?

Baby guinea pigs are completely weaned at six weeks of age as well as have finished feeding from their mother.

How Long Do Guinea Pig Babies Remain With Their Mothers?

They’ve mastered all of the necessary abilities for independence as well as are ready to depart the nest.

Most breeders will release their puppies to their new homes when they are six or seven weeks old.

It’s also when the smallest newborn guinea pigs in pet shops reach this age.

How to Take Care of Guinea Pigs When They’re Young

If you bring your young guinea pig home at seven weeks old, our guide to guinea pigs as pets will provide you with all the knowledge you need to nurture them.

You’ll be able to see them progressively gaining ounces until around their first birthday if you keep an eye on their weight.

If you suspect a newborn guinea pig is too little or isn’t thriving, always visit your veterinarian.

If bathing them is something you want to do, wait until they’re at least eight weeks old.

Raising a Litter of Guinea Pigs: Baby Guinea Pig Care

If, on the other hand, you’ll be assisting a sow in raising a litter of puppies from birth, you’ll have a lot more to consider.

  • Ensure your sow has a clean bill of health before she is mated, as well as get a hutch large enough to hold her as well as her young until they are ready to go out.
  • Your sow will require a lot of energy as well as vitamin C during pregnancy, so make sure her hay isn’t running out as well as give her a bigger serving of fresh fruit as well as vegetables every day.
  • In the weeks leading up to labor as well as when the puppies are little, change her bedding on a regular basis. Puppies’ lungs might be damaged by ammonia fumes from unclean bedding, as well as germs can infect your sow’s nipples when she’s feeding.
  • Once the puppies come, keep a tight eye on them to ensure that nursing is established within 12 hours. If this isn’t the case, seek assistance from your veterinarian.
  • From the moment they are born, start feeding them shredded lettuce. Remember to remove whatever they leave behind, since it will rapidly spoil.
  • The puppies will learn a lot from the adults they live with, from how to build social relationships to which foods are safe to consume. Plan ahead of time how you’ll continue to provide this instruction to the male infants when they leave their mother as well as siblings at three weeks old.

Is it true that Guinea Pigs eat their babies?

Unfortunately, guinea pig moms do sometimes consume their newborn offspring.

This may be both surprising as well as distressing. It’s understandable to have such feelings.

However, understanding the biological basis behind it makes it simpler to prevent.

It may occur for one of two causes.

  1. Lack of experience

While trying to clean up after the delivery, an unskilled sow may inadvertently harm her young with her teeth.

This often occurs when puppies are stillborn or are born too sick to survive.

She tries cleaning them more as well as more violently when they don’t react to her care, until she ultimately damages them.

  1. Malnutritio

Second, if a guinea pig mother is critically starved, even an experienced mother may turn to devouring her young.

Keep in mind that this does not imply that she is dangerously skinny.

She might be malnourished even if she consumes enough calories to maintain her body weight if her diet lacks essential vitamins as well as minerals.

Preventing Heartbreak

Enlisting the aid of a mentor is an excellent approach to gain help raising your first litter effectively as well as recognizing any difficulties early.

You may locate a mentor by contacting your local cavy club as well as requesting them to connect you with experienced breeders.

You may also seek guidance as well as assistance from your veterinarian.

Choosing a Name for a Guinea Pig Baby

After you’ve taken care of the more important elements of infant guinea pig care, you may focus on more enjoyable duties, such as naming them.

What About Adopting Baby Guinea Pigs?

You might also call local small animal shelters to see if any newborn guinea pigs are available for adoption.

When owners of female guinea pigs find an unanticipated pregnancy as well as are unable to care for all of the offspring, this often occurs.

Baby guinea pigs for adoption are often less expensive than guinea pigs for sale, as well as they frequently come with a vet’s clean bill of health.

If you don’t have a certain breed or sex in mind, rescuing a guinea pig from a shelter is a terrific way to meet your new companion.

Summary of the Baby Guinea Pig

We hope you liked this comprehensive essay about adorable infant guinea pigs!

Puppies of Guinea pigs are unlike most other young animals.

They are extraordinarily developed as well as capable of caring for themselves from the minute they are born.

Getting ready in advance, whether you’re raising a litter from the beginning or purchasing an older baby guinea pig for sale, is the greatest way to ensure they have the best start in life.

Have You Raised Guinea Pigs? Have You Raised Guinea Pigs?

What were the highlights of your trip?

In the comments box below, we’d love to hear about your experiences!



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